Senior Back-End Engineer

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Senior Back-End Engineer

Job description

Adikteev is the leading app retargeting solution that helps performance-driven marketers target and engage their app audiences. Combining science and creativity, Adikteev delivers measurable results that increase user LTV and fuel business growth.

Founded in 2012, Adikteev has worked with leading app companies like eBay, Nexon and Yelp to retain their loyal users and boost incremental revenue. A leading advertising technology company, Adikteev has been recognized as #10 among Inc Magazine’s Top 5000 fastest growing companies and #2 in global retargeting, of the AppsFlyer Performance Index. Its team of 60 people is based in Paris, NYC and San Francisco.


We are looking for a  Senior Backend Engineer to work on our Advertising Platform, receiving up to 1.3 millions bid requests per second and up to 1 billion tracking events per day.


Check out our Technical Stack.


Our Main Engineering Challenges

  • Very high traffic environment with low latency constraints
  • Relevant choices in languages and software architectures to improve performance
  • Management of the code base and technical debt to sustain daily scaling challenge
  • An infinite source of Machine Learning use cases, ranging from ad performance prediction to ad delivery pacing and forecasting
  • Large datasets that we need to compute in near real time (auction resolution) and even greater volumes for analytics use cases


Your Missions

  • Take ownership of our products (mainly ads bidding and users segmentation)
  • Develop and maintain data manipulation scripts
  • Work with teammates (backend/Fullstack developers, Data Engineers, SRE, Product Owners) to develop, take care of our platform, improve its performances and, let’s be honest, migrate/redesign some services that are a little outdated
  • Ensure quality and sustainability of our code
  • Design and use development best practices that promote high quality software, good test coverage, peer code review, continuous integration, and rapid deployment






Your skills and experiences:

  • Proven experience with at least two languages and at least some experiences of development with Go or Rust
  • Strong focus on testability, consistency of the code
  • Keep a forward looking approach thinking about scalability
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Working collaboratively with the team, able to explain your decision and share your knowledge

Bonus Points

  • Large-scale distributed systems, service oriented architecture
  • Experience in caching system (in memory, distributed)
  • Knowledge of Node.js
  • Experience in high performance and/or low latency system
  • Experience in stream processing architectures
  • SQL and NoSQL datastores