Senior Frontend Engineer (m/f)

  • Product & Development
  • Paris, France

Senior Frontend Engineer (m/f)

Job description


- Actively developing, supporting and optimizing our creative platform
- Writing readable, modular and well structured code
- Document platform evolution
- Proactively investigating new technologies and techniques that will be beneficial for the platform’s performance
- Communicating and cooperating with our users, and the Product and Business teams in order to provide them the tools for top-notch creative editing and increased productivity

Team Culture

- Demonstrations and writing are mandatory, your work has more value if you share it
- Pick the right tool for the right job
- Free-day: Friday afternoons are off-sprint, dedicated to learning/innovating

What we offer

- You will play a critical role in determining the company's success. We want someone who brings a strong opinion to the table and gets involved with product planning.

- Personal Autonomy / Consensus Driven Culture - We foster consensus-driven rather than top-down decision making when it comes to important business decisions. From what features to build next to what furniture to buy for the office, we believe it's the fairest way of making decisions.
- MacBook and all the necessary tools you need, to get the best out of your working day

- Working in a great atmosphere in Paris city center.
- Wage depends on your experience.


Our team is composed of profiles with eclectic backgrounds,

we focus on finding the right mind more than we care about the curriculum.


- Has 3+ years experience building front-end applications
- Shows fluency with ES2015+
- Is creative, curious, out of the box thinker, and technically rigorous
- Takes initiatives to test and learn systematically about new things
- Enjoys being challenged and to solve complex business problems on a daily basis
- Is able to work in teams and collaborate with others to clarify requirements and design solutions
- Believes in “Simple > Clever”, most of the time the simple thing is the clever thing to do
- Enjoys sharing his work through simple words with everybody
- Strong development skills with a constant focus on robustness, automation, testing and monitoring
- Communication skills: All your work requires a huge amount of teamwork and maturity

Bonus Points

- Has experience with some of the following: Webpack, Babel, React, Redux, Elixir, Phoenix, ClojureScript
- Has experience with building a SaaS application
- Has experience in building/designing a flux-inspired architecture
- Has experience with functional reactive programming
- Has experience working with the digital advertising industry

- Shows interest for UI/UX issues
- Is a Foodie