Data Engineer

  • Product & Development
  • Paris, France

Data Engineer

Job description

Adikteev is the leading app retargeting solution that helps performance-driven marketers target and engage their app audiences. Combining science and creativity, Adikteev delivers measurable results that increase user LTV and fuel business growth.

Founded in 2012, Adikteev has worked with leading app companies like eBay, Nexon and Yelp to retain their loyal users and boost incremental revenue. A leading advertising technology company, Adikteev has been recognized as #10 among Inc Magazine’s Top 5000 fastest growing companies and #2 in global retargeting, of the AppsFlyer Performance Index. Its team of 60 people is based in Paris, NYC and San Francisco.

Adikteev is now looking for a talented backend engineer to join the engineering team in Paris. Your role as a key member of the team will be to work hand-in-hand with Data Science and Product teams to create scalable, reliable APIs, stream processes and algorithms to serve the business.

With TBs of data per day and over 1 million incoming requests per second, real time data is not an empty promise at Adikteev. To tackle this complexity, our advertising platform relies on state of the art stream processing technology for machine learning, analytics and elasticity. The backend team is a vector of both efficiency and innovation at the company, allowing the BI and Data Science team to get fast insights. We also eat our own dog food, have a craftsman mentality and like moving fast.

Examples of ongoing interest include unified log architecture, elastic stream processes, distributed tables, distributed machine learning.

We are building a state of the art platform and are looking for talented engineers willing to get out of their comfort zone to join us. 

By joining the company at an early stage in your career, you will take advantage of good mentorship and a state of the art platform where innovative is not a swear word.

Check out our Technical Stack.


- Implementing stream processing jobs, monitoring and maintaining them

- Identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and implementing innovative solutions 

- Adding value and unlocking leverage by proposing powerful abstractions

- Porting data science algorithms and learning in a scalable way with high throughput

- Building maintainable, reliable distributed APIs to deliver product value

- Working iteratively, delivering fast, failing fast and learning from your mistakes

Team Culture

- Demonstrations and writing are mandatory, your work has more value if you share it
- Pick the right tool for the right job
- Free-day: Friday afternoons are off-sprint, dedicated to learning/innovating

What we offer

- You will play a critical role in determining the company's success. We want someone who brings a strong opinion to the table and gets involved with product planning.

- Personal Autonomy / Consensus Driven Culture - We foster consensus-driven rather than top-down decision making when it comes to important business decisions. From what features to build next to what furniture to buy for the office, we believe it's the fairest way of making decisions.
- MacBook and all the necessary tools you need, to get the best out of your working day

- Working in a great atmosphere in Paris city center.
- Wage depends on your experience and track record.


Your Skills

- Graduated with a CS degree

- Strong programming skills

- Good communication skills and being a team player

- Enjoy simplicity and efficiency in software design

- Navigating in complex systems 

- Decent algorithmic and mathematical skills

Bonus Points

- Advertising technology experience

- Gaming skills

- Is involved in relevant user groups

- Foodie